Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Last Sunday before Brazil

Sunday, July 20 was a wonderful day. Paul was scheduled to speak in Sacrament meeting and had an appointment to be set apart as a full time missionary. Although all of our children wanted to be together, for obvious reasons, not all of them could come. Liz sent her love from Milan, Italy. Ammon and Kirsten, and Becca and LeGrand sent their love from Columbus, Ohio. But they also sent a very special surprise for Paul. WHITNEY!!! Whitney was visiting in Columbus and had already said her good-bye to Paul, but Ammon and Kirsten thought that she really should be home for these last few days. So on Saturday at midnight, they decided to fly Whitney home. She landed in Las Vegas at 9 am Sunday morning. Paul was delighted!!!!

Paul spoke in Sacrament Meeting on the topic of Love--Heavenly Father's love for His children, and our love for Him and each other. That is why Paul wants to serve a mission--he loves God and wants others to know of God's love for them.

Our home was full of loved ones who came to wish Paul well. Thanks to everyone who came to show their support for Paul. We love having you here.

These two incredible women have done so much to help Paul grow to the man he is. Grandma Larsen and Grandma Rasmussen show their love in so many ways. Aren't they so cute!!

Pres. Ken Asay and Bishop John Erickson and their wives came to our home to set Paul apart. His dad, and brothers Stewart and Seth were able to join in giving the blessing. These are some men who have had a tremendous influence on Paul.

Set apart as a missionary!!! Ready to go!!!


Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

It is so fun to see everyone who was there. We sure wished we could have been there but I wouldn't have traded the time we got to spend with you here in Columbus before you left. Thanks for taking the time to come see us and come say goodbye. (I'll never, EVER forget the grocery store experience!!!) LOL! The happiness shines in your eyes Paul-in every picture! Thanks so much Mom for doing this. We feel included somehow. ;-) Thank you!

Emily said...

Great job mom and Paul we adore you! It was so nice to have so much time with you before you left. We are so proud of you! Way to go!