Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The MTC in Brazil

Elder Rasmussen sends word that he LOVES the CTM (Missionary Training Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He loves the language, the food, the people, the facility, his companion, learning the culture--everything!! His letters sound so happy, in fact, he says that he has never been happier in his whole life. I think I will let him tell in his own words (from a letter sent Aug. 12, 2008)

"I love it here it is soooooo amazing!!! where to start? The language is going well. I´m learning a ton and I don´t feel too discouraged. It is such a beautiful language. I love the CTM. It is amazing. The food is good most of the time. It gets a little sketchy now and then but oh well. My district is great, there are only 7 of us two of which are sisters. We have a lot of fun together. I love my teachers. They are both brazilian, which is really helpful. They know the language and the culture perfectly and are able to really help us out. I love the brazilian culture already. Everyone here is energetic and has such a strong love for life. They love everything and they are not afraid to show it.They don´t take offense and forgive so easily. They are hillarious!! The have so little but they always offer to give us things. They are such a beautiful people. I´m falling in love with them already. So all of the native brazilian missionaries come here as well so we are pretty much in constant contact with natives. I have 2 brazilian roomates that I completley love. They are so fun. They make me laugh so hard. We got really close (they actually left to go to the field today) I love Preach my gospel. It is such an inspired program. I love teaching with the spirit. It really works. The spirit is so strong here, it´s amazing. My testimony and knowledge have grown sooooo much its insane. We have firesides twice a week that are translated into english or vice versa. I love them it is a really cool experience. My companion is great. His name is Elder Ash. He is from Colorado Springs. We get along great! We have gyn 3 times a week. I usually play volleyball, but I try to run about 5 miles a week. I´ve really enjoyed that. My room is on the top floor(7th) and we arn´t allowed to use the elevator so I get quite a bit of exercise. My view is incredibe I love it. I havn't had too hard of a time with anything. The adjustment has gone well. I haven´t gotten homesick yet which has been a great blessing. I pretty much just love it here a lot. Everything is going very well. Its hard work but I´m loving it. I can´t wait to learn everything so I can get out there in the field.