Thursday, July 24, 2008

Endowed with Power

As soon as Paul received his mission call, he made arrangements to go through the temple. He received his endowment in the Provo Temple on Friday April 4, and attended as often as possible. Keeping with family tradition, he was able to go on a couple of "temple trips" with his family, as well as to the New York Manhatten, before leaving for his mission.

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Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

Paul- I am one of the first to comment!! Yeah!! Right now, you are two days out in the MTC and we miss you like crazy already but we are so proud of you and excited for you. We loved watching this slideshow of all the temples you got to visit. What a wonderful experience and tradition to be a part of. I was touched of the different looks of all the temple facades and the beauty of all of them but was reminded that the purpose is the same of the reasons why we go to the temple. I am grateful to Mom and Dad for keeping that temple tradition going. What a neat experience. (Mom) Great job...the slideshow looked wonderful! Can't wait to see more!