Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"Last week we were walking to one of our investigator’s house. My comp stopped me all of the sudden and pointed to the trees. There were like 10 monkeys up there. It was awesome. It was like we were at the zoo……………………but it was real. Hooray!!!!!!!! It was really fun, they were all jumping and playing, crazy monkeys. I love Brazil!!!"

"Elder Quentin L. Cook came to Brasília to have a conference with our mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing. He truly is an apostle of the Lord. He talked a lot about faith, how our faith can really help people gain a testimony, how our faith can help people overcome their addictions and difficulties. It was really neat and got me pumped up. He talked about love, about how it is the base of everything in our lives in this gospel. Needles to say I loved it. We all got to shake his hand. It was really a special experience to be in that intimate of a setting with an apostle of the Lord. I’ll never forget it."

"We are working with 5 brothers that are living together. They work with rocks, (I don’t remember how to say that in English maybe masons but with rocks, I don’t know) they live on the second floor of the rock shop. They are incredible. I’ve never meet people so humble. I love reading the scriptures with them, and listening to them pray. They are not super educated, but the spirit is so strong there. They are all super prepared. Every time we end a lesson we can never choose who gets to pray so we decided that we all say a little prayer. They don’t use fancy language, but when they pray you can feel that they are really praying to our Father in Heaven. It really is a beautiful thing. They are all such an inspiration to me, so sincere and loving. I am truly blessed to bring the light of the gospel into their lives. I love this work. The older brother was baptized this week, and the others will follow his example in the weeks to come. They are some great people!!!!!!!!!!!"

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