Monday, November 17, 2008

Brasilia!!! Sept. 28, 2008

Elder Rasmussen with his trainer, Elder Holbrook.

Ok I am right in the middle of Brasilia, like probably like 10 minutes away from congress by car. I´m in an area called Lago Sul, and it is ginormous, like huge like so big we have bikes!!!!!!!!!! Isn´t that crazy. Its one of the only areas in brasil that has bikes, crazy. Ok, so Lago Sul is the richest area of Brasilia, it´s where all the diplomats and rich people live, so consequently life half of our ward are American diplomats. It's crazy half the ward speaks English, and the wives of most the diplomats don´t speak English. Our bishop and ward mission leader are both American, crazy huh? We are currently teaching a diplomat from Ghana. He is super cool, and we get to teach him in English. Oh my companion is American, Elder Holbrook, He is great and is teaching me a ton. Its nice to have an American trainer but it will take me a longer lime to learn the language. Ok so everyone has cars in our area and it is hard to make contacts, We are kinda opening the area so that has been an adventure all on its own. The members are very giving and willing to serve, our meals are always very nice. My president is President Pizzirani, he is from Sao Paulo. The language is super hard for me I can't understand anything, I need to have more patience with my self, and have more faith. I´ll get this its just going to take some time.

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